Every order is assigned to one of our staff who will be your contact throughout the entire process. When you place a custom order, all of the rings we design for you are first sketched on paper and then put into CAD (a computer-aided design) program.

We send you renders of the design and invite you to give us feedback.  Once you're happy with how the design looks on the screen, we prototype on one of our 3D printers.  If you're local, you come in and try on the prototype.  If you're remote, we ship the model to you.

This is your opportunity to see how your ring looks on your finger before it's made.  Once again, you can provide feedback for a revision and then we'll produce another prototype.  In this fashion, we iterate on the design until you absolutely love it!  Once we have your approval, your ring goes to our production 3D printer to be printed in wax and then prepared for casting.  Along the way, if you like, we can record the process with photos so that you can see and share with others, the process of making your ring.