Referral Program

A Referral Program allows us to thank our clients for their support by rewarding word-of-mouth referrals, while also incentivizing new clients to shop with us for the first time. 

Rewarding our clients

Our company's growth can be attributed in large part to the happy clients who have told their friends about the great experience they had at FTJCo.

Looking ahead, our long-term goal is to use this Referral Program to redirect our advertising spend away from big companies like Google and Instagram/Meta. We would rather invest these dollars in our clients and local communities instead.

Here's how it works

If you're an existing client and you refer a friend who makes a purchase over a minimum amount, then...

(1) They'll get a $100 discount on their invoice and,

(2) you'll earn a $50 store credit. You can use your store credit towards FTJCo products & services, or to make a charitable donation.

As a referrer, every time your referral code is used, you’ll earn a $50 store credit. You can apply this credit towards a new FTJCo purchase or jewellery repairs.

As a prospective client, you can apply a referral code to any qualifying invoice to get a discount of $100 off your purchase. 

The Details

  • Find your referral code: Your referral code is your first name plus your first FTJCo invoice number, e.g. Arron4029.
  • Rewards are offered on any invoice where the pre-tax total is at least $1,000 CAD (or $1,000 USD), after accounting for all other discounts, promotions or credits. 
  • You may apply a different referral code every time you make a purchase at FTJCo that meets the minimum qualifying amount. But you can only use the same referral code once.
  • You'll receive your $50 store credit when a friend or family member uses your code, and their project has been paid in full.


  • Store credits cannot be redeemed for cash or gift cards. Store credits can only be redeemed for FTJCo products (excluding items from our Parliament line, chains & piercing products) and services at FTJCo, and charitable donations.
  • Store credits can be redeemed for eligable products on the FTJCo.com web site, but you will need to contact sales@ftjco.com.
  • You can use one referral code per invoice.
  • You cannot split up items onto multiple invoices in order to use multiple codes or the same code twice.  For example, if you and your partner purchase wedding bands–you may use one referral code that doesn’t belong to either of you for both bands.  See next point.
  • You can’t ‘double-end’ by using either your own or your partner’s referral code so that you get both ends of the rewards.
  • The referral program cannot be combined with any other incentives, offers or discounts with the sole exception of the cash discount offer.
  • Store credits are not transferable under any circumstances and can only be used by the rewards account holder on an invoice made out to the rewards account holder.
  • Store credits expire three years after the date of issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get my referral code?
    • If you’re an existing client, your referral code is your first name plus your number on your first FTJCo invoice.  For example if your name is John Cleese and your first purchase at FTJCo was your engagement ring on invoice number 3422, then your referral code John3422.
  • I have an item in production and I just got a referral code from a friend.  Can I apply it to my invoice?
    • Yes.  You can apply a referral code to any item that has not completed production and it meets the minimum eligibility requirements.
  • Can I apply a referral code to a past purchase or an item that has completed production but I haven’t picked up?
    • No.
  • I'm financing my purchase.  Can I still use a referral code?
    • Yes, as long as your purchase meets the minimum eligibility requirements.
  • Will the redemption rate change?
    • Yes.  Every year in January we update the redemption rate and/or the terms of redemption. This means that the amount of credit you get for a given number of points may change and when and how you can redeem may also change.
  • Will clients receive some kind of alert or notification from FTJCo when there are new points added to their account?
    • Not yet. We expect to have this feature completed in late 2024.

If you have a question about the referral program, please email robin@ftjco.com