FTJCo accepts cryptocurrencies as payment using Bitpay as a processor.  If you choose to pay by cryptocurrency, you may do so on the site, or we can create a Bitpay invoice that will reference your Freshbooks invoice.

There are some key differences between using a cryptocurrency for payment vs a traditional credit card:

  1. You don't get all of your money back if you return something and get a refund.  Credit cards typically refund all of your money, including their fees--sometimes, if there is a currency conversion, yes, you will lose the difference in the rates, which is also true in crypto.  But additionally, the charges for miner fees and the network cost are deducted from a refund.  Bitpay's fee guide is here.  An explanation of why refunds are less is here.
  2. FTJCo settles cryptocurrency charges in US$, so if you are paying in a cryptocurrency, you will be paying the prices displayed on the site when it is set to US$.  FTJCo does not hold cryptocurrency and so refunds will be subject to the differences in exchange rates and fees that prevail at the time of the refund.
  3. Bitpay requires registration if you are making a payment of more than US$3000 (or a refund of over US$1000).  If you are purchasing through our Freshbooks invoicing system (not through our site), registration is not required if your instalment payments are below the $3000 limit.  Please get in touch with sales@ftjco.com if you want to purchase in instalments.  Learn more about Bitpay registration here.

We assume that anyone paying with crypto is sophisticated enough to understand network fees, miner charges, the conversion costs of going to and from fiat currencies to crypto and, of course, anti-money laundering (AML) / know your counter-party (KYC) requirements.  To be clear, using crypto doesn't mean you get to be anonymous.  We reserve the right to request photo ID, especially in instances where the billing address and the shipping address are different which part of our normal anti-fraud due diligence, regardless of method of payment.