We offer a variety of flexible payment options including credit cards; Interac or ACH transfers with cash discounts; financing and payment with cryptocurrencies.


We are pleased to offer financing options on all of our fine jewellery, with both flexible and creative plans available.  We offer low or no cost in-house financing for terms up to 4 months, as well as layaway options that can extend up to 8 months.  We also offer longer-term, third-party financing available through PayBright. 


0% interest in-house financing

Flexible payments by instalment, leading up to the day your item is fully paid and ready for pick-up or shipping.

Purchase by Instalments 
Receive your item with a minimum down payment 

Purchases up to $3,000

Two payments with at least 25% down will be auto-charged to your credit card 30 and 60 days after your item is ready.

Purchases from $3,000 - $7,000

Two or three payments with at least 50% down. Equal payments auto-charged to your credit card. Every 30 days after your item is ready until it is paid in full.

Purchases from $7,000 - $10,000

Two, three or four payments with at least 65% down. Equal payments auto-charged to your credit card. Every 30 days after your item is ready until it is paid in full.

Over $10,000 - email sales@ftjco.com

All amounts are inclusive of applicable taxes.

We can work with you to customize a flexible, regular payment plan.  A $95 set-up charge will be added to your invoice for all of the above plans.

Pay What You Can, When You Can Layaway 
Receive your item when it is fully paid

Deposit of:

  • 10% of total purchase ($500 minimum for Made to Measure items)
  • 10% for Ready to Wear
  • $200 for projects up to $2,000 where we are resetting your diamonds or gems.

After your deposit is made, you may pay what you can, when you can, within an agreed number of months (no more than 6-8 months). There is no interest or admin fees or any extra charges, but your deposit is non-refundable. If your item is not fully paid at the end of the agreed upon term, simple interest at the rate of 0.06333% per day (effective rate of 1.9% per month) will be charged on the outstanding balance.  If you choose to cancel your order, the amount you have paid, less any accrued interest charges, will be held as a store credit for six months from the date of your cancellation.

Available at checkout. Our sales team will be in touch to customize your Layaway plan.

Trade-in Gold

We offer credit against purchases for clients who have old gold jewellery.  It's a great way to make use of old chains and pieces that you don't wear and aren't sentimental about.

Not available at checkout. Available by contacting sales@ftjco.com  



Please note that PayBright is not available for loose diamonds or gems. And is only available if you are in Canada.

Paybright is available for purchases at ftjco.com and not for in store purchases.

Longer-term financing is a risk-based business and so this kind of financing costs more.  We have partnered with PayBright (owned by Affirm in the U.S.) as an on-going trial.  As a company, we are morally opposed to predatory lending.  By offering both in-house financing and longer terms through PayBright, we've tried to balance our customers' desire for longer terms with responsible financing.  Below are the options available through the PayBright option at check out, including what they charge you and what they charge us.

Learn More About Annual Percentage Rate (APR) vs Interest Rate (opens in a new window)

6 Months, Monthly Payments.  You pay 0% APR and no fee.  FTJCo Pays 8.99% + a 1.99% Credit Card Fee.

12 Months, Monthly Payments.  You pay 10-30% APR and no fee.  FTJCo Pays 1.99% + a 1.99% Credit Card Fee.

24 Months, Monthly Payments.  You pay 10-30% APR and no fee.  FTJCo Pays 1.99% + a 1.99% Credit Card Fee.



Discounts are only available for purchases that are not financed or layaways.

FTJCo offers 2% Cash Back on the pre-tax total of purchases paid by cash, wire transfer, debit or Interac E-transfer.  This is available through our web store and for in-store sales.

Receive 5% off of your wedding bands only, when two Wedding Bands are ordered at the same time as an Engagement or custom ring.  You may also apply the 2% cash discount on the discounted, pre-tax amount of the total for all three rings.

(Our discounts and cashback are always rounded up in your favour 😉)



FTJCo accepts various cryptocurrencies  based upon our US$ pricing.  Crypto is a little different than standard payment methods, but you probably already know that if you're considering this as payment method. 😀  Learn more here.