Hello Tesla owners & enthusiasts.

My name is Robin; I am both the co-founder of FTJCo and a Model 3 owner.

FTJCo is a progressive fine jewellery company that probably aligns well with your values.  If you're looking for something that's well designed and made using unusual and impactful materials, there's lots for you here.

We use a lot of fun tech in our process, including CAD and 3D printing.  Everything is made to measure to fit the chosen gem(s) and in the correct finger size.  We specialize in made to measure rings and bands, but we also offer custom work, some really great ready to wear pieces and some unusual gems & diamonds which can be the starting point for your project.

And, though it's not Elon level innovation, we have a cool program for people who want to propose, but find the whole choosing a ring process too stressful.  They're called Loaner Rings and they take all the risk and stress out of the process.

Questions?  I'm happy to answer them.  You can email me at robin@ftjco.com