Custom Rings & Custom-Cut Diamonds

The first step is that you fall in love.

You want something beautiful and original, like the person you’re going to marry, and so you come to FTJCo to get a ring. You throw out all that nonsense about having to spend X or Y months salary on the ring because here, we would rather you purchase a beautiful ring that fits your budget. Everyone has a budget.

At FTJCo, our designers will work with you to create a beautiful and wholly original work of art. We can collaborate, using whatever source of inspiration engages you, or you can choose from one of our many classic, made-to-measure designs.   If you already have an heirloom ring or another jewel you’d like to use, we’d be delighted to set it for you when you visit our studio in Toronto. It’s just the way we are.

If, like most people, you have some apprehension about getting a ring that might not be right for your partner’s taste, we can provide you with a “loaner ring.” You can buy one at a minimal cost ($250-$350) from our selection of beautifully crafted silver and cubic zirconia engagement rings.  You can use this ring for your proposal and then come in together to design the perfect ring. And, of course, when you return the “loaner”, the money you spent on it is credited to the purchase of your perfect ring.

All our gold rings are made from your choice of two alloys. One is our exclusive 18K 50/50 FTJCo Blend of Recycled gold for a lower carbon footprint, and fully-traceable, conflict-free artisanal gold supporting small-scale miners in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Another option is Fairtrade or Fairmined certified gold.  Recycled gold is a good thing for the environment; choosing Fairtrade or Fairmined certified or our 50/50 FTJCo Blend helps small-scale mining communities in developing countries. Either way, you can feel good about your choice.

We offer both types of gold in yellow, white and pink.

Our custom rings vary based on your choice of metal:


  • Platinum from $3,500

18K Gold

  • Fairtrade or Fairmined Certified 18K Gold from $2,800
  • FTJCo 50/50 18K Blend from $2,500

    925 Fairtrade/Fairmined Silver with Palladium*

    • Palladium Silver  $1,250

    These prices include design and wax modeling by our expert goldsmiths, two design meetings and the actual production of the finished ring. In some rare cases where the designs are exceptionally large, a price will be quoted.

    Diamonds or gemstones are additional, but we always work to our clients' specifications for design, materials and pricing.

    After the design is complete, the process of creating your ring should take about four to six weeks.

    We want you to be more than happy with your ring--we want you to be ecstatic.  That's why we include one year of comprehensive insurance against damage, loss or theft at no charge for clients in the United States and Canada (Quebec excepted).

    We are pleased to offer custom pendants and earrings too.

    Custom 18K Gold Pendants

    • Fairtrade or Fairmined 18K Gold from $1,500
    • 18K FTJCo 50/50 Blend from $1,500

    Custom 18K Gold Earrings

    • Fairtrade or Fairmined 18K Gold from $1,800
    • 18K FTJCo 50/50 Blend from $1,800

      Custom Platinum Pendants*

      • Platinum from $2000

      Custom Platinum Earrings*

      • Platinum from $2300



        FTJCo is incredibly scrupulous when it comes to design.
        We love design and hope that this shows. We have a standing body of work from which we often customize rings for our client’s particular tastes. In order to do this, we need to make sure that our designs are flexible, and we’re able to add smaller stones into different setting styles while maintaining the integrity of the piece.

        When you place a custom order, all of the rings we design for you are first sketched on paper and then put into CAD (a computer-aided design program). Then, using our 3D printer, we create wax models of your ring so that you can see exactly what it will look like and how it will fit. After the fitting, if it’s not yet perfect, we use the model as a kind of surrogate, making whatever alterations you think are necessary. Once we have your approval, the production begins!

        The Custom Process

        Every order gets assigned to one of our designers who will be your contact through the entire process. Within 24 hours of you placing an order, you will get a personal email from one of our staff who will be your contact as your ring is being made.

        And if you don’t want to use the site to place an order, you can contact us through, and we can work with you outside of the site.


        A Custom Box

        Our custom rings can come in boxes that are designed and made in South America using FSC sustainable wood.

        Considering the great care we take in sourcing the finest, ethical materials to make your ring, it wouldn't be a complete process if the box wasn't part of that story.



        Custom Canadian Diamonds

        For those seeking diamonds of 1 carat and up, we offer a custom diamond cutting service through our friends who cut the Sirius Star Canadian diamond.  Your diamond will be cut to the size and shape to fit your FTJCo custom designed ring.  You will see your diamond transform from a rough diamond to a spectacular Sirius Star with a combination of still images and video.  Your diamond will be uniquely identified as custom cut for you and this will be documented in the American Gem Society lab report that will accompany your diamond.

        This is a premium service and a unique offering from FTJCo.

        *Platinum and Platinum silver are from new sources and are not available in recycled metal.