Loaner Rings

For clients who visit our studio and who aren't quite sure what style of ring to purchase, we offer loaner rings.

A loaner ring is a fully qualified ring except that it's usually made out of silver and doesn't have real stones in it.  You can take a loaner ring in one of our ring boxes and propose with it.  Loaners are either $250 for a basic solitaire or $350 for designs like halo rings where you have lots of little diamonds around the center and/or down the sides of the ring.  The money you pay for the loaner will be credited against the ring you purchase when you come back together.*

The beautiful thing about this program is a completely eliminates the risk of getting the 'wrong' ring.  Some people think it eliminates the risk of getting a 'no' but we've never actually had a client who has had their proposal refused.

Some clients think it's because we brought them good luck because they chose to work with a company that uses ethical metals & diamonds.  Maybe. There is karma after all.  But it could also just be that they demonstrated good thinking by letting their intended help choose the ring. :)

FAQ: Can I keep the loaner ring to use for travel or as a keepsake?

Yes, you can--the ring in yours to keep.  In this case we remove the $250/$350 credit from your gold or platinum ring's invoice.  And should you opt for a Travel Ring version of your final ring, we will deduct the $250/$350 from the cost of your Travel Ring.


*Loaner rings will be 100% credit against your purchase when returned in new condition. Otherwise your credit will be less a $75 refurbishment fee. Loaner rings returned without purchase will be refunded $100 when returned in new condition and $25 if refurbishment is required. No refunds without the return of our ring box.