FTJCo is committed to the following responsible business practices:

  • Not to act against national or international competition law regarding pricing, customer handling and competition.
  • Never to offer, give or accept gifts, entertainment or any other advantages exceeding local limits, a prescribed by law or custom
  • Not to offer donations for political campaigns or political parties.
  • To never to offer, authorise, give or accept bribery or extortion.
  • To refuse paying facilitation payments to public officials.
  • Not to contribute to money laundering and financing of terrorism by ensuring that all financial transactions are legal and documented and by keeping records on the identity of our business partners and customers
  • That cash payments comply with Applicable Law.

These policies apply to all FTJCo employees, Board of Directors as well as all consultants and/or advisors acting on behalf of or representing FTJCo.

Where international law differs from these policies, we must adhere to the stricter of the two.