Why are Sirius Star Diamonds called the World's Brightest?

The Sirius Stars diamonds are like the fine wine of Canadian diamonds.  They use a patented cut that maximizes the amount of light coming out of the diamond.  Rare and beautiful, only a very few jewellers are good enough to work with them.

New this year are Sirius Stars that are cut from older vintage diamonds that date back a hundred years or more and thus precede 'conflict diamonds' by many years.

We visited Prince Albert Saskatchewan where these diamonds are cut, so that we could show you just how special these diamonds are.  You can see the video here.

What does Old Mine or Old European cut mean?

These are vintage diamonds that date from the late 19th or early 20th centuries.  If you want a diamond that is truly rare--vintage diamonds are totally unique and something nobody else will have.  Learn more about these incredible gems on our Vintage Diamonds page. 

What are lab grown diamonds and gems?

Lab created or grown diamonds are diamonds that have been created above ground as opposed to in the earth's crust.  Most people think that they are not real diamonds--in fact, they are and they come with certificates and grades and everything is the same as it is with mined diamonds except for two important differences: because they were not mined, they are arguably a more environmental choice and 2. because it costs a lot to open and run a mine, they tend to be about 30% less than mined diamonds.

You may remember when you were in school and you grew salt or sugar crystals in science class?  Well, this is the same principal--a lot of more high-tech--but basically the same.  You create the right conditions, grow a diamond, sapphire or emerald crystal over a few months and then you cut it, as you would a mined gem.  Easy peasy.

What are recycled diamonds?

Recycled diamonds are diamonds that have been taken out of old jewellery before it gets melted down.  These diamonds are cleaned, re-graded and set into new pieces.  We like these because they are environmentally beneficial (no new mining) and affordable.