Finding your own or your partner's ring size can be a challenge.  Here are our top tips for identifying a ring size as accurately as possible.

Use Ring Sizers

We can send you a set of ring sizers--just fill out the form below and for $10, we'll send you a set of real metal sizers.  Even better, we'll credit you back the $10 towards your purchase.  Once you get them, here's how to use them:

Most people think their ring size is correct if the sizer isn't too tight and they can easily move the sizer on and off their finger.  But that's actually too loose.  Imagine you're washing your hands with soapy water wearing a ring that size... it's going to feel like that ring will slide off into the sink (not a good feeling).

What you're looking for in a correct size is something that meets with some resistance at the knuckle.  Depending upon the size of your knuckle, the ring may feel either just right or slightly loose when pushed to the back of your finger.  Some people who have larger knuckles will experience their rings spinning a bit, once past the knuckle.  Finding the right ring size is really about how the ring comes off; a properly sized ring will come off with some resistance/effort but you shouldn't have to wrench it off and it certainly shouldn't hurt.

Also, know that your finger size can change up to a quarter size depending upon fluid or salt intake and ambient temperature.  If you're sizing yourself on a humid day in August, you should expect your ring to fit a bit looser in the dead of winter.

The size numbers are on each ring of the sizer set. If it has a dash next to the number, that means a half: 6- is a size 6.5. If you feel you are in between half sizes, we offer quarter sizes, like 4.75 or 7.25.

The ring sizers we send you are most accurate for finding the size of narrower bands - up to about 3 mm.  If you are purchasing a wider band, you may have to order about a ¼ size larger to account for a tighter fit on wider bands up to 5 mm. A ½ size increase may be required for 6 and 7 mm wide bands.

If you get it wrong, that's fine.  We include one resize, up or down one size, within the first year of ownership.  But just know that it's easier to size a ring up, than down because to size it up a bit, you just need to give it a stretch.  To size it down, you have to cut it, file out a sliver, and solder the ends back together.

If you need help, just contact and we can walk through it together over Zoom.

Borrow One of Our Mandrels

We can send you out a mandrel or you can pick one up at our store in Toronto.  A mandrel is a metal or plastic 'stick' that tapers narrower towards the top.  It is marked with each ring size up and down the length. To find the size of a ring you already own, slide your ring onto the mandrel and where it stops on the mandrel will indicate the size of the ring.  We use the 'leading edge' to measure the ring size, meaning that you should take the measurement from the lowest point on the mandrel touched by the ring you are measuring. The other thing you need to know is that the ring needs to be pretty round to get an accurate measurement.  If you slide it on and you can see gaps between the mandrel and the ring, it's not round.  That doesn't mean you can't take a reasonably good size off of it, but if it's not round you should let us know when you give us the measurement.

Now, all of this is premised on the idea that you can furtively get ahold of a ring that your partner wears already.  If not on the exact finger for the new ring, then the same finger on the other hand. 

At a Local Jeweller

You can always get sized by a jeweller in your area.  Some jewellers will charge for this service because, after all, they are providing a service that would normally be part of a sale in their store.  We think that's totally fair and if they don't charge, it's always a nice gesture to give someone a gift card to thank them for their time.

Intelligence Gathering

Does the recipient of the ring have a mom, best friend or someone else who might know their size or might be able to duck into a jeweller with them to look at rings 'just for fun?' Of course, that should also be someone who can keep a secret. 🙂