Health & Safety @ FTJCo

To ensure healthy and safe working conditions for our staff, FTJCo is committed to:

  • Always provide sufficient procedures, training and protective equipment for all staff that might engage in potentially hazardous work.
  • Adopt the precautionary principle when dealing with hazardous substances.
  • Proactively engage staff on matters that affect their health and safety at work.
  • Provide H&S information, instruction and supervision for all workplaces as required by law & best practices.
  • Systematically prevent/mitigate fire, accidents and occupational diseases.

All staff members are expected to take an active role in improving health and safety levels at work.  This means employees are able to:

  • Request information on specific health and safety risks related to their work.
  • Actively participate in all health and safety trainings, surveys and campaigns.
  • Remain observant of opportunities to improve our health and safety performance and forward your ideas to management.
We will constantly seek to enhance our internal standards and performance through open cooperation and communication with relevant stakeholders.