FTJCo occasionally engages in offers and promotions to build awareness of the brand and/or to support our partner organizations causes.

In the interest of fairness to all of our clients, and because almost all of our pieces are made specifically for each client, any purchases made during a promotion cannot be returned for credit unless they are part of our Ready to Wear collections.

Pre-made, in-stock items ('Ready to Wear') purchased during the promotion, can be returned for a store credit if returned within 45 days and after 45 days, for a store credit less a 20% restocking charge.

Promotions, where you are entered into a draw to win your purchase, have a maximum dollar amount that will be applied to the purchase, inclusive of tax.  If your purchase inclusive of tax is less than the maximum amount, you are not entitled to the difference between your purchase amount and the maximum value.  You will only be credited the total amount of your invoice, inclusive of tax. These promotions have no cash value.

If your purchase amount, inclusive of tax, is greater than the maximum dollar value of the promotion, then you will be credited the maximum amount but still be required to pay the difference between the maximum amount and the value of the invoice.

Each promotion will have different conditions including eligible dates and amounts, please refer to the specific promotion for details.

This document addresses the general sales policies around promotions.