Fossil Charm in Silver

$64.00 USD
Including Selected options


With their obvious ties to the past and preservation, fossils have long served as talismans for their wearers. The spiral shape of this ammonite fossil has symbolic connections to change and positive motion. We like to think that this unique pendant can act as a charm of good fortune and personal growth.

Most of our charms have a special feature which allows you the choice of wearing them either as a pendant on a chain or as a drop on our charm hoop earring. However, if you would like the pendant to stay put without flipping, we suggest adding an extra jump ring, especially for charms that are not two-sided. This will allow it to stay facing out. However, note that they are then not suitable for wearing on hoops. Please choose your option from the drop down menu.

Dimensions: 16.6 mm x 13 mm x 1.7 mm

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