Our Team

Ryan Taylor

Chief Designer (Production) and Co-Founder.


Robin Gambhir

CEO and Co-Founder


All of You

Ryan and Robin founded the company, but over the years they’ve received tons of help from friends, family, co-workers and clients.

In the fall of 2008, they signed the lease for the current studio and set about moving from their office in Toronto’s jewellery district.  Ryan and his family started peeling back layers of flooring and drywall, discovering all the archaeological wonders of the building’s 100-year history.  Anybody who’s done a home renovation knows exactly what this is like.

Ryan frequently Tweeted about the project to renovate this new space in Toronto’s Cabbagetown district–historically a ‘rough around the edges’ working-class area–which would become the new home of a new kind of of ethical jewellery company.   In 2008, there was a small Twitter community populated by tech and tech-savvy people and the kind of forward thinking people who see technology as an agent for social change.  These people–these incredible and wonderful people–actually volunteered to come in and help with the renovation.  It was truly amazing  and it’s doubtful there’s another jewellery store on the planet that was built with volunteer labor.  The community support the company has received is utterly remarkable and everyone at the company has been deeply touched by it.

With the help of these unexpected volunteers and an incredible amount of construction and electrical assistance from Ryan’s father and family, the company hosted a launch party for the new studio in October of 2009. There were tons of people there and it was a flat-out blast. And even as the company has grown, giving back to has always been an important part of what they do.  Photos of all of this are archived here, on Flickr, in reverse chronological order.

At FTJCo, we appreciate everybody who helped us get to where we are.

We especially want to thank our staff who take the very best care of our clients; who sometimes answer client e-mails at 5 AM, who stay late to get things done and always put our clients first.

You are all remarkable and loyal and kind and talented and patient and good-looking. You are stars. We love you.