Propose with a Loaner Ring

$250 CAD
Including Selected options

Pictured here is the Contemporary Love Note. See what the other available styles look like:

Traditional Love Note Solitaire
Love Note Round Bezel Halo

Our loaner ring is a fully qualified, well-made ring that is crafted in silver instead of gold or platinum, and has a cubic zirconia stand-in for a genuine gemstone. They are perfect for proposing when you don't know which style or size ring your partner would prefer, when you want to design an engagement ring together, or when you're pressed for time. The Loaner Ring comes in one of our ring boxes, ready for your proposal. The value you pay for the loaner will be credited against the ring you purchase when you come back to FTJCo together.*

The beautiful thing about this program is that it eliminates the risk of getting the 'wrong' ring. Some people think it eliminates the risk of getting a 'no,' and to our knowledge, we've never had a client who has had their proposal refused. Some clients think we brought them good luck because they chose to work with a company that uses ethical metals & gems, but it could also just be that they demonstrated good thinking by letting their intended help choose the ring! 

Loaner rings are available online and in store.



*Loaner rings will be 100% credited against your purchase when returned in new condition. Otherwise, your credit will be less a $75 refurbishment fee. Loaner rings returned without purchase will be refunded $100 when returned in new condition and $25 if refurbishment is required. No refunds without the return of our ring box.

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