On the Environment

The environmental footprint of the jewellery supply chain is primarily influenced by mining and refining, processes; in retail jewellery, it's the lighting that contributes significantly to FTJCo's carbon footprint.

FTJCo has taken the following steps the reduce its environmental impact both in its product offerings and processes:

For our products we:

Our Impact is measured and scored as part of our BCORP certification; you can see our most recent audit report (and prior ones) here.  We take very seriously our commitment to responsible environmental practices as outlined by BCORP and the Responsible Jewellery Council.  We will continuously work to minimise the environmental footprint of our own operations by seeking new ways to reduce our consumption of resources, our emissions and our waste. Further, we wish to influence and inspire our own supply chain and the entire jewellery industry to take similar measures.

All FTJCo staff are expected to: