Valentine's Day with FTJCo

How's this for a romantic Valentine's Day? You and your partner come in to FTJCo (we're open till 8 pm on Wednesdays) where we surprise you with roses, drinks, and you pick out your wedding bands, engagement ring, or any Made to Order item.

Then you go out for dinner to one of our charming neighbourhood restaurants, like L'avenue, Kingyo, or Dova. Toast to your upcoming wedding, and feel all warm and fuzzy! 

We'll even throw in a Valentine's Day referral code for a 2% discount on any Made to Order purchase invoiced by February 28th, just to sweeten your day that much more! Combine with our 2% cash discount for a total of 4% off your pre-tax total.

Book your February 14, 2024 FTJCo Valentine's Day appointment now. 😍🌹🍷💋

And don't forget the dinner reservations! Some of our favourite local restaurants include... 

We also have a Valentine's Day Sale starting February 6–February 15, 2024 that includes our Ready to Wear Earrings & Necklaces!

Looking for Valentine's Day inspiration? We polled the team to see which Parliament pieces they'd love to receive and/or give this Valentine's Day. See our Parliament Valentine's Day Gift Team Picks