Cabbagetown Cares Repairs & Remakes Fundraiser

For the month of March the Cabbagetown BIA is running a fundraiser called Cabbagetown Cares - they are inviting local businesses to allocate a portion of their sales for donation to local meal programs hosted by Dixon Hall and St Luke's Church. 

As you may know, food banks have struggled to keep up with demand since the Covid-19 pandemic. Food security has always been a cause close to our hearts at FTJCo; in 2020 and 2021 we donated over $34,000 to food banks and similar causes selected by our clients to support our community during a very challenging time. 

March is also BCorp month. The driving force behind BCorps is to be a force for good, both in the world at large and in our immediate communities. The team at FTJCo is happy to participate in the Cabbagetown Cares Fundraiser, as it benefits our community and helps us achieve our goals as a BCorp.

How Does It Work?

Cabbagetown BIA members are invited to pick an item or service from their offering to highlight during the fundraiser, with a portion of sales from those featured items going towards local meal programs. At FTJCo, we’ve chosen to allocate 20% of proceeds from all repairs and remakes to this cause. Repairs include any resizing or repairing of FTJCo and non-FTJCo precious metal jewellery. Remakes include the repurposing of your existing gemstones into new FTJCo items.

When you come in to FTJCo in March for either of these services, 20% of the sale price will be automatically donated to the Cabbagetown Cares Fundraiser. 

Why Repairs and Remakes?

We’ve chosen to highlight repairs and remakes for two key reasons. Firstly, they are accessible! Repairing your existing jewellery doesn’t require a big investment; most people have some old jewellery lying around that doesn’t get worn because it’s broken, the wrong size, or no longer your preferred style. We hope this event will serve as the gentle nudge you need to bring these pieces in to freshen them up and make them wearable again. 

The second reason we’re featuring repairs and remakes for this fundraiser is because of the environmental benefit of repairing and restoring something old, rather than starting from scratch every time. Repairing or reworking your existing jewellery requires a much smaller environmental footprint, and generates less waste. It’s a win-win.

Ready to get started?

Here's a link to our repair, resizing and restringing price guide.

For a potential remodel/remake, please complete the form here and we'll get back to you via email.