Vintage Platinum & 18K Diamond Halo Sapphire Engagement Ring

$6,400 CAD
Including Selected options
  • Centre Stone: 0.82 ct Mined Blue Sapphire 
  • Halo Stones: 10 Old European Cut Diamonds GHI-SI/VS, 0.68 tcw
  • 18K Yellow Gold band and Platinum Halo setting. 
  • Finger Size 7.5

In an age where craftsmanship was more than a profession, but a true art form, there lies a testament to a jeweler's unparalleled skill: an antique ring crafted from 18K yellow gold and accents of gleaming platinum. Nestled in the heart of this exquisite piece is a radiant blue sapphire, its deep azure hue reminiscent of the most profound depths of the ocean. Surrounding this mesmerizing gem is a halo of old European cuts, diamonds that hail from a period as far back as 1870. Unlike modern cuts celebrated for their brilliance, these diamonds are cherished for the rich history they symbolize and the unique window they provide into the aesthetic values of a bygone era. The intricate detailing of the band, with its etched patterns and vintage design, tells a story of an epoch where attention to detail was paramount, and every jewel was a labor of love. Holding this ring is akin to holding a fragment of history, a tangible reminder of the romance and elegance of days long past.

Made in a size 7.5 in 18K Yellow Gold; easily sized down to a size 6.5 or up to a size 8. Next day shipping in size 7.5; 4-day shipping if sizing is required. 


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