$1,555 CAD
Including Selected options
18K Nickel-Free Gold Color: Rose/Pink

Meticulously created with 14 diamonds on the band, each setting is created individually by hand under a microscope.  Creating the settings for small diamonds by hand allows the metal below the diamond to be bright-cut which makes the small diamonds much brighter than a ring made with pre-existing settings.  It also allows us to control the angle at which each diamond is set, ensuring the maximum amount of brightness and light return.

When considering any rings that use small diamonds, it's important to ask how the settings are created.  Best practices are to create settings by hand, as we do; making a ring with pre-existing settings is sub-optimal but the absolute worst practice is to cast the ring with the diamonds in place because not only is the metal below the diamond unable to properly reflect light, the but the angles of the diamonds are often way off of what they should be.

Includes 14 Laboratory Grown SI-GH Accent Diamonds

*This piece takes 6-8 weeks for production in gold, and up to 10 weeks in platinum.

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