Non-Directional File Faceted Band

$1,145 CAD
Including Selected options
18K Nickel-Free Gold Color: Yellow

The Non-Directional File Faceted Style Wedding Band has a beautifully hand-applied texture that makes the ring unique without making it too flashy. This texture is lost on smaller widths so the default width of this ring is 4 mm.

Directional and Nondirectional: After a ring is cast our goldsmiths use a large course file to create our File Faceted finishes. For our Nondirectional version there are little glimpses of high polished areas nestled between the course, broad file strokes. Our Directional version of this style is more even, and more reminiscent of our Euro Wheel texture. While both of these textures withstand wear very well, our Directional version will show daily wear slightly more quickly than our Nondirectional version. 

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