Gradient FTJCo Stacker

$2,595 CAD
Including Selected options
18K Nickel-Free Gold Color: Rose/Pink

These pieces are a Custom Made to Order product. You can get a sense of pricing here. Clients choose their own gradient in-person or via email. 

1. Montana Mined Sapphires for 15 pieces at 2 mm each - 2595.00CAD in 18k yellow, rose, and 2695.00CAD in 18K palladium white AKARA Label gold.

2. Australian Mined Sapphires are in limited availability. Pricing upon request.

3. Spinel Stackers can be made. Pricing upon request.

Add 700.00CAD for Platinum

You can customize the number of stones you prefer in your Stacker. 

*Due to the limited availability of Montana Sapphires, we may have to make wider for some clients. Prices may vary. 

Book an appointment: or email to get your project started today. 

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