Five Diamond Ring with Old Mine Cuts

$2,900 CAD
Including Selected options
  • English 18K Yellow & White
  • 5 Old Mine Cut Diamonds (0.45 t.c.w)
  • Size 7.5

Old mine cut diamonds, originating from the 18th to late 19th centuries, evoke a romantic allure that appeals to both history aficionados and jewelry enthusiasts. These diamonds, shaped by hand and often found in antique jewelry pieces, have a distinctive appearance characterized by a squarish outline, high crown, deep pavilion, and large culet. Unlike modern cuts optimized for brilliance, the old mine cut reflects the artistry and limitations of its era, resulting in a warm, soft glow that many describe as 'soulful'. Each stone, being individually, has its own unique character.  Indeed, Old Mine cut diamonds precede the use of electricity in cutting and were cut by candlelight.  That's why they often look better in low light conditions than their modern counterparts.

They serve as a testament to an age where diamonds were more than just symbols of affluence; they were individual works of art, representative of the romance and craftsmanship of a bygone era.

We love being able to give another life to vintage jewellery pieces.  Some items require just a little love from our workshop before they’re ready for their next owner, while in other cases only the gems or diamonds can be used. These special gems are available in our Vintage Gem Collection, and are ready to be set in to a new piece of jewellery. 

Please keep in mind that some of these vintage and antique items cannot be replaced–either because similar gems or diamonds can no longer be sourced or because the method of manufacture is no longer in use. We strongly recommend that you insure this item with Jewelers Mutual so that in the event of loss, the policy can cover a portion of the cost to remake or credit towards a different item.

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