Canadian Diamond Halo Pendant in 18K Palladium White Gold

$1,895 CAD
Including Selected options
  • 18K Palladium White Gold AKARA 1341532X-CA1-395
  • Centre Stone: 0.18 ct F SI1 Ideal Square Victor Mine, Canadian Diamond 
  • AGS104070463014 D7595V-210A
  • Accent Stones: 18 x 1mm Canadian Diamonds VS/FG (0.074 t.c.w)
  • 18K Palladium White Gold AKARA chain 16/18" in length

Elegance from the Depths: Victor Mine Canadian Diamond Pendant

Unearthed from the icy terrains of Ontario's Victor Mine in Canada, this exquisite diamond pendant tells a tale as ancient as time itself. Each glint and shimmer is a testament to centuries of natural craftsmanship, buried deep beneath Canada's frosted landscapes.

The Victor Mine, famed for producing some of the world's most pristine diamonds, lends its legacy to this pendant. A piece that doesn't just adorn, but narrates a journey from the heart of the earth to the curve of your neck.

Handcrafted with precision and love, this pendant celebrates the pure brilliance of a diamond, untouched and unparalleled. Its luminous radiance promises to captivate at every glance, making it an heirloom-worthy treasure.

Indulge in history, rarity, and luxury. Embrace the Victor Mine Diamond Pendant - where nature's grandeur meets artisanal excellence.

Designed and made in our studio in Toronto. 

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