5 mm Bevelled Low Dome Band with Knurling Finish in Yellow

$1,795 CAD
Including Selected options

This wedding band has fantastic contrast between the hard angled bevels and the cross-hatched centre that resembles the texture on a hand file. 

Our version of knurling is a little unique. After a ring is cast, we file and sand the surface of the ring as normal, then instead of moving on to polishing the surface, we apply our knurling texture. Each stroke is created by hand by one of our goldsmiths. It is a little more time consuming than other finishes we offer, but we love the way each stroke catches the light and it can be quite a meditative process to apply. This finish wears quite well, but will show some burnishing over time.  

Made in a size 9 in our 18K AKARA Yellow Gold; easily sized down to a size 8 or up to a size 10. Next day shipping in size 9; 3-day shipping if sizing is required. For more sizing inquiries please call.

Designed and made in our studio in Toronto.

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