2 mm Hand Engraved Vine Pattern Band

$1,695 CAD
Including Selected options
18K Nickel-Free Gold Color: Yellow
This band features a more subtle engraving of a vine pattern.

No two of our hand engraved bands are alike--each one will bear the slight variations that come with handiwork. But that's a good thing because it means your ring is unique to you.  The hand-engraving covers 3/4 of the ring allowing your ring to be sized up or down as needed.

A hand-engraved band can complement, contrast and dress-up any engagement ring. And, most importantly, it looks great on its own. That's important because your engagement ring sometimes goes back in the box for safekeeping, but you'll always wear your band.

Please allow up to  10 weeks for hand-engraved jewellery.

Fun facts: Our hand engraved bands are produced by master engravers using skills handed down over centuries. In fact, the only difference between now and several hundred years ago is that these days their graving tools are powered by electricity, rather than a dog running in a wheel. And these artisans are so skilled, they are usually registered with the government because they are capable of producing currency plates!

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