1.5mm Black Spinel FTJCo Stacker

$995 CAD
Including Selected options
18K Nickel-Free Gold Color: Yellow

Stackers are rings that are designed to be worn on their own or 'stacked' together with other bands that made in different metals and/or different gems.  Our stackers can be worn as a wedding band or simply as a delicate and elegant ring.  At 1.5 mm wide, these bands show off the diamonds without being, well, showy.

This band is set with 15 1.2 mm black spinels in the quality and origin of your choosing.  You can add or subtract spinels via special order--please contact sales@ftjco.com

Each setting, for each spinel in our stacker bands, is meticulously created by hand to ensure the spinel is seated correctly, at the correct angle for maximum sparkle. This is in contrast to lesser quality rings where the settings are pre-made when the ring is manufactured.

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