1.15 ct Velvet Green Modified Hexagonal Step Cut Australian Sapphire

$2,160 CAD
Including Selected options
  • 1.15 Carat Weight
  • Velvet Green Colour with Banding
  • Modified Hexagonal Step Cut
  • Dimensions: 7.39 x 6.03 x 3.52 mm
  • Lab Report #: GCAL320110003


AKARA Label newly mined sapphires are sourced in the Central Queensland region of Australia from small-scale miners.  Each gem is pre-formed (the first stage of cutting) in Australia before being exported to Thailand for final cutting and polishing.  Thailand has, for decades, been the centre of the gemstone cutting industry and is home to some of the best gemstone cutters in the world.  These gems are then returned to Australia for sorting and grading before being sent to FTJCo and our partner gem labs for certification.

*Please email sales@ftjco.com to work with this unique sapphire. 

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