1.06 ct F-VVS2 Sirius Star Round Cut Canadian Diamond

$19,500 CAD
Including Selected options
Set your sights on the stars with this sublime Sirius Star diamond. This incredible gemstone’s namesake is the brightest star in the sky. Famed for its unmatched brilliance, this ravishing diamond pairs perfectly with our vast range of design options for a ring you’ll cherish.
  • 1.06 Carat Weight
  • F Colour
  • VVS2 Clarity
  • Sirius Star 88 Round-cut
  • Canadian Diamond 
  • 6.51 - 6.55 / 3.99 mm
  • AGS 104082191001
  • This diamond was cut into Sirius Star by Embee Diamonds of Canada, using a Canadamark (Serial Number CM-236212) 1.20 carat diamond GIA Lab Report #5196216235 in 2015.

The Sirius Star is 'the world's brightest diamond' and it's not just a name or a claim, you can actually see the difference if you put two diamonds of the same quality next to each other and one is a Sirius Star, you can definitely see the difference.  Have a look at our Sirius Star video where the cutter explains the science behind the beauty.


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