0.92 ct Fancy Natural Green Vintage Rectangular Modified Brilliant Diamond

$31,482 CAD
Including Selected options
  • 0.92 Carat Weight
  • Natural Fancy Vivid-Yellow Green Diamond
  • I1 Clarity
  • Dimensions: 5.21mm x 4.89mm x 4.18mm
  • Mined Diamond
  • GIA Report # 6183503820

Green diamonds are amongst the rarest of fancy coloured diamonds and intense colours such the one here are even more rare.

We found this diamond with an assortment of older gems that were taken out of antique pieces of jewellery.  We loved the intensity of the colour and the splay of black carbon in one corner and we were able to rescue it from some pretty poor company it was keeping.  The risk we took was that it could have been treated to induce the colour and there was more than 50% chance that it was because natural green diamonds are so rare.

This diamond was at the GIA lab for months as they tested it to see if it was natural and, in the end, the concluded it was indeed a natural green diamond as you can see from the lab report here.

We think this diamond should be set in a very special custom piece for an equally special client.  


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