0.79 ct Deep Ocean Blue Octagonal Elongated Modified Brilliant AKARA Montana Sapphire

$1,950 CAD
Including Selected options
  • 0.79 Carat Weight
  • Deep Ocean Blue Colour
  • Octagonal Elongated Modified Brilliant Cut
  • Dimensions: 4.52 x 5.91 / 3.60 mm
  • GCAL322160013
  • Provenance Montana

Our Montana sapphires are some of the rarest and most lovely sapphires on earth because not only are they mined in our collective North American 'backyard' but they're also precision-cut here as well. That's important because the quality of cutting is superior to what you find in some off-shore countries, and you know both the sourcing and cutting are done ethically. Available exclusively at FTJCo and affiliates.

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