Myth: 14K is more durable than 18K.

The reality is, your finger is much softer than 18K, 22K or even 24K gold; anything that negatively affects your 18K gold ring is going to be much worse for your finger.

14K is widely used for batch/mass-produced jewellery. Here’s why:

14K gold is 58.5% pure gold, and 18K is 75% pure gold. If you’re making thousands of rings, then that amount of gold matters a lot to the price because they are mass-produced. If a jeweller can save 16.5% on their gold costs, that’s more profit for them.

What many people don't realize is that a 14K engagement ring made with a thin band (less than 1.8mm wide) is much less durable than one of our 18K rings and more likely to have gems or diamonds come loose and fall out.

The same is true of bands; because many 14K bands are mass produced, they are often thinner than our 18K bands and thus are more prone to bending.

For us, and other fine jewellers that are more concerned with quality, for our FTJCo pieces, we only work in 18K gold. In the jewellery world, 14K and 10K are more mass-market, and 18K is used by companies that understand that gold is more beautiful in 18K--it even takes a polish better, giving a superior look and finish. That’s why you will never find 14K jewellery at the top end of the market where the volumes are much smaller and the care taken is much greater. If you want a top-quality result, you don’t try and save a few dollars by using 14K.

For us, every made-to-measure ring we produce is made individually to fit the gems and diamonds chosen and the correct finger size for that client. Mass-produced rings are made from moulds and in a few finger sizes, which are then resized to fit the client. So your ’new’ ring has technically already had work done on it when it’s sized.

We don’t do that at FTJCo.  We don’t cut corners on materials, processes or customer service; it’s not part of our culture.

Rather, when we came to consider our everyday collections under our Parliament label, we used the lower cost of 14K gold combined with small-batch production to bring the high design, quality and ethics FTJCo is known for, to a wider market with more accessible pricing.

Parliament is designed and made by FTJCo in our Toronto studio