We've made many rings with sapphires because they are beautiful, extremely durable and come in many colours (blue, pink and yellow for example).  Sapphires are less costly than a comparably sized diamond and no less traditional.

We also offer estate diamonds--these are generally modern cuts that have been unset from old jewellery dating back as far as the 1960s.  They are repaired and repolished if necessary and then regraded so that they carry modern certificates from labs such as GIA.  We think giving a diamond a second life is a great way to get a natural diamond that has a lower impact and price than a new diamond.

Do you offer lab grown diamonds?

We like to offer our clients choices so that the jewellery we make, reflects each client's values.  So, in addition to our amazing array of Canadian diamonds, we are pleased to offer diamonds that are in every respect the same as natural, mined diamonds except that they did not form in the earth, they were formed in a lab under controlled conditions.

These diamonds are graded in the same way as natural diamonds and are certified by reputable labs such as IGI.  They have the advantage of being up to 30% less expensive than natural diamonds, making the white diamonds more affordable and fancy colours such as pink, attainable.

What about Moissanite? 

We offer Charles & Colvard lab-grown Moissanite.  Moissanite is the most affordable alternative to diamonds and, like diamonds, are durable and brilliant.  We like the fact that Charles & Colvard provides you with a lifetime warranty for your stone. We here at FTJCo also offer a 100% trade up credit towards the purchase of a diamond, should you ever choose to replace your Moissanite with one of our diamonds.