FTJCo Swarovski Lab Grown Created Diamonds

We like to offer our clients choices so that the jewellery we make, reflects each client's values.  So, in addition to our amazing array of Canadian, recycled and vintage diamonds, we are pleased to offer diamonds that are in every respect the same as natural, mined diamonds except that they did not form in the earth, they were formed in a lab under controlled conditions.

These diamonds are graded in the same way as natural diamonds and are certified by using the same grading standards as mined diamonds so that their qualities can be compared with comparable mined diamonds.

We are particularly pleased to offer precision-cut lab grown diamonds by Swarovski which have a life and brilliance unlike many of the generic lab grown diamonds on the market.

You will find our current in-stock selection of Swarovski diamonds in the drop down menus of our products; other sizes, qualities and shapes can be brought in for you.