Fair Trade Jewellery Company requires, as part of the Responsible Jewellery Council Code of Practices, all of our suppliers of diamonds and precious metals to complete the following Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance form.

Please see this document for more information.

We require, within 30 days of notification by e-mail, for this form to be filled out or for you to forward via e-mail to compliance@ftjco.com.  You may also forward to the same email address your company's existing AML/KYC forms.

After 30 days, if we have not received any response, the following steps will be taken:

1.  We will review your account with us to assess the risk.  If you do not possess an RJC certification with at least 12 months before recertification, your account with us will be yellow-flagged which means that we will slow our purchases from you until such a time that we can either A. find a new supplier or B. your company returns the completed form and/or your own AML/KYC documentation.

2. If you do not possess any third-party validation/certification, we will assess the risk based upon sales volume and either slow our purchases from your company or completely cease purchases from your company.

Please either complete the form below or e-mail your own KYC/AML documentation to compliance@ftjco.com.