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We’re all about personalized service, knowledge, and education—every one of our clients has the opportunity to learn about metals, diamonds, gems and our sourcing protocols and certifications.  You can have a no obligation chat with one of our goldsmiths.  It’s kind of like a Reddit AMA just for you.  You can ping us on FaceBook, WhatsApp or use the chat feature at the top of this screen.

Both our local clients and those in across North America, Europe, and Asia love the personalized service we offer.

And if you don’t need or want to talk to humans, we offer old school e-commerce as well. ;-)

What can I afford?  What do I have to spend?

We get asked this a lot.  The answer is you should only spend what you can afford.  Our rings start at CA$1495; for a locally made 18K ring, including a diamond, that's pretty much unheard of.  But we made a conscious effort to offer something that's really well done and affordable, so people who want something nice can get it.  At the same time, because we also offer larger, premium quality diamonds some rings can easily get into the tens of thousands.  While our clients have different means, every one of them has a budget.  And whatever that budget is, we stay within it.  We spend a lot of time educating people about why they don't need to spend as much as they think to get what they want.  In short, we provide the kind of experience we would want to have if we were the client.

What kind of experience should I expect?

We provide the kind of experience we would want to have if we were the client.  We designed an experience that's really all about you.  Most of our pieces are made to order using materials and components that you choose--in this way, the ring is a reflection of not just your style, but also your lifestyle and your values.  Because we can make the same ring in Fairtrade/Fairmined or recycled gold; and we can use Canadian, lab-grown or vintage diamonds--or no diamond at all, maybe a coloured gem is the best thing for you?

So your experience is never about trying to sell you something we have in stock, it's actually about figuring out what's important to you and putting together some options.  Out of that process you will receive an online estimate--we don't jot things on the back of business cards--we send you a detailed estimate which you can view online and, when you're ready to proceed, it can be converted to an invoice; you can even pay a deposit without having to come back in.  

The people you interact with at our company are experts and makers.  Our workshop is 20 feet away from our displays and we encourage clients to tour the back and see how your ring will be designed and made.  Our clients are fortunate because when they talk about their rings, they can talk about how it was made and the materials they chose to for its making.  That's a far cry from a ring that's taken out of drawer below the showcase where it sits with a hundred other ones just like it.  Sure, you get a lovely blue box... but that's kind of an underwhelming experience, isn't it?

We believe that jewellery isn't about metal and stones--it's about narrative and stories.  And there's nothing more beautiful than a piece that was lovingly crafted by local artisans using the best materials and where you had an input and understanding of the making.

Can I see how you make rings?

Sure.  Just drop by our studio and we'll be happy to show you.  But for clients who are remote to us, we made this video which shows the process.  Enjoy.