1. satin finish on 18k yellow gold

2. euro wheel finish on 18k yellow gold

3. high polish finish on 18k yellow gold

1. satin finish on 18k palladium white gold

2. euro wheel finish on 18k palladium white gold

3. high polish finish on 18k palladium white gold

1. satin finish on 18k rose gold

2. euro wheel finish on 18k rose gold

3. high polish finish on 18k rose gold


Over time, your wedding band will burnish with wear. Expect to see small scuffs, scratches, and dings in your ring, building up a patina. High polished rings will become less shiny over time, while for satin/euro wheel finishes the change may be more subtle.


FTJCo Finishes Descriptions:

Euro Wheel: The European Wheel, or Euro Wheel for short, is a specialized jewellery tool we use to create this soft dappled look. A spinning wheel containing thin wire spokes is attached to our polishing machine and is applied to the surface of the ring in short bursts to create this hazy, dewy look. This finish withstands wear quite well, but will still show abrasion with time.

Satin Finish: After initial filing of the ring to remove the rough casting surface, the piece is taken only to a coarse emery/sandpaper finish. This creates a directional soft satin finish, which is less reflective than a high polished surface. This finish shows subtle wear very quickly, and will create an evenly burnished look.

High Polish: A high polished finish is achieved by refining the surface of a ring using a combination of filing and sanding by hand, followed by the use of a polishing machine with various polishing compounds. This slowly creates a highly reflective surface, often called a “mirror finish.” A high polished ring will quickly develop a natural patina with daily wear. A mirror finish can be reapplied to the surface, but it is important to keep in mind that every time you have a ring repolished, there is some loss of gold in the process.

While some textures stand up to wear more than others, all surface textures on jewellery will change over time with wear. Many objects the ring comes in contact with can leave a mark, regardless of the alloy of gold or platinum. While we do design objects that are made for everyday wear, we always recommend wearing them wear it gently, take it off when engaging in activities such as going to the gym or washing dishes, keep it insured, and have your goldsmiths take a look at it every few years to make sure everything is in good condition.