Will my ring look exactly like the image on the screen?

Most of our clients are pleasantly surprised at how good the designs look in real life, so your ring will probably look even better than the image on the screen. However, please note that the computer model you see on the screen is about 95% accurate. There may be slight variations in the shape, size, and position of the prongs since these aspects are crafted by hand.

Does the price of the rings in the Ring Designer include the small or side diamonds shown?

Yes, the prices shown for the rings in the Ring Designer app include colorless lab-grown diamonds of VS/SI quality. Additionally, our lab-grown diamonds are certified as climate neutral under the SCS-007 sustainability standard.

Why does the ring price shown say 'From'?  Is that not the price I'll pay?

We use 'from' in the ring price shown because there may be additional options, specials, and charges that are not applicable to strictly online purchases. When you purchase in-store or with the assistance of our sales team, you may have access to store specials, referral discounts, and other customization options. For example:

  • Store specials and referral discounts may not be available through the website.
  • The ring styles are priced based on center gems weighing up to 1 carat. For in-store and FTJCo consultant-assisted sales, there are setting charges that cover additional materials and labor for larger gems. These charges start at +$75.
  • With in-store and FTJCo consultant-assisted sales, you have the option to change the origin of your small diamonds to natural-origin recycled diamonds or newly-mined Canadian origin diamonds, but this will incur an additional cost per diamond.
  • If there are other customizations you desire that the ring designer app doesn't support, we can work with you to bring your vision to life using the app as a starting point.