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Select your birthstone (or simply your favourite gem) to personalize a pendant or charm. Our Lock and Amulet pendants can be engraved with your choice of initials to create an even more meaningful piece.

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What's the deal with birthstones?

Modern birthstone jewellery is born from both Judeo-Christian and Hindu traditions. The popularity of various gemstones, and their association with specific birth months, grew from the idea that these gems confer power and protection upon the wearer.

The modern North American list of birthstones was established in the early 1900s, and continues to be a popular and enduring way to personalize jewellery. Jewellery pieces featuring birthstones can represent the wearer, a couple, or even incorporate the gems for an entire family. Wear your own birthstone, or the birthstones of those you love to honour them and feel near them at all times.

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