Not all Canadian diamonds have the same proof of origin.  Since most Canadian diamonds are exported to be cut in places as far away as India & China, there is more of an opportunity for misrepresentation without any 3rd party audit.

Some online retailers self-certify Canadian origin and there's no proof.  This the lowest level of Canadian diamonds and we don't sell these diamonds because there is too much of an opportunity for people to misrepresent a diamond as being Canadian when it is not.

The next level is the branded Canadian diamond and, in this case, the supplier/cutter is taking responsibility for documenting the Canadian origin of the diamond.

Above this are Canadian diamonds that include a CanadaMark card.  CanadaMark is an independent verification system that verifies the Canadian origin.

And finally, at the pinnacle of provenance claims for Canadian diamonds are the diamonds we like to use;  diamonds that come from Canada's province of Ontario and are cut and polished in Canada's city of Sudbury.  And for a premium quality Canadian diamond, we offer the Sirius Star Diamond (the world's brightest) which are mined in Canada's Northwest Territories and cut and polished in Prince Albert, Sasaketchwan. 

We believe that if you want a Canadian diamond, it's because you care where it comes from.  And so logically, if you care where it comes from you would also want a diamond that was held to a higher standard.