• 0.49cts Akara Certified Emerald Cut Ruby

    From $2,260

  • 1.72cts Chatham Round Gem-Cut Champagne Pink CS1 Sap...

    From $1,295

  • 0.68cts AKARA Certified Carnation Medium Pink Sapphire

    From $2,484

  • 1.77cts AKARA Certified Round Bay Leaf Green Sapphire

    From $3,326

  • 1.22cts AKARA Certified Burgundy Red Sapphire

    From $4,955

  • 0.95cts AKARA Certified Oval Decadence Dahlia Sapphire

    From $4,406

  • 0.78cts AKARA Certified Pear Magnolia Purple Sapphire

    From $1,580

  • 0.72cts AKARA Certified Pear Orchid Yellow Sapphire

    From $1,916

  • 0.62cts AKARA Certified Pear Purple Freesia Sapphire

    From $1,535

  • 1.61cts AKARA Certified Round Green Tea Sapphire

    From $4,226

  • 1.20cts AKARA Certified Round Autumn Valley Sapphire

    From $4,356

  • 0.95cts AKARA Certified Round Golden Yellow Sapphire

    From $2,538

  • 0.86cts AKARA Certified Round Magenta Purple Sapphire

    From $3,870

  • 0.81cts AKARA Certified Round Decadence Dahlia Dark ...

    From $1,827

  • 1.08cts AKARA Certified Round Forget-Me-Not Blue Sap...

    From $2,289

  • 1.04cts AKARA Certified Round Light Grape Purple Sap...

    From $2,331

  • 0.95cts AKARA Certified Round Vintage Rose Sapphire

    From $1,318

  • 0.91cts AKARA Certified Round Blush Pink Sapphire

    From $1,331

  • 0.90cts AKARA Certified Round Dark Fuchsia Sapphire

    From $1,823

  • 0.88cts AKARA Certified Round Smoky Light Lavender S...

    From $1,287

  • 0.48cts AKARA Certified Round Grape Pink Sapphire

    From $2,010

  • 0.48cts AKARA Certified Round Citrus Green Sapphire

    From $547

  • 0.50cts AKARA Certified Round Deep Blue Sapphire

    From $1,180

  • 0.71cts Teal Blue Round Diamond-Cut Montana Sapphire

    From $1,125

  • 0.75cts Orchid Yellow Fancy Style Antique Octagonal ...

    From $1,188

  • 0.83cts Heather Violet-Green Fancy Emerald Cut Mont...

    From $2,712

  • 0.96cts Pansy Viola Round Diamond-Cut Montana Sapphire

    From $2,614

  • 1.08cts Bay Leaf Green Antique Octagonal Cut Montana...


  • 0.73cts Solar Flare Round Montana Sapphire


  • 0.79cts Peacock Blue Antique Octagonal Montana Sapphire


  • 0.68cts Forget-Me-Not Diamond Cut Montana Sapphire


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“My husband and I wanted the rings on our fingers to
reflect our values as well as our commitment to each other.”

—Rebecca S., married in 2009