The Last Gold Rush - A Documentary about Fairtrade Gold

The Last Gold Rush was produced by the Fair Trade Jewellery Company in 2008 to educate other Fairtrade producers on the importance of mining certification for communities in Colombia's Choco rainforest.
This short documentary exposes issues unique to the region like: migrant workers illegally mining in ecologically sensitive areas, tradition and challenges community development.

On February 14th 2011 the Fairtrade Fairmined Ecological standard was launched, the Fair Trade Jewellery Company was one of the 1st companies in the world to offer certified gold and platinum, and was the only company in North America.

The video was shot & edited by Michael Penney of Afterlightfilms

Thank you to OroVerde, Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM), Amichoco, BioDiversa, FLO-Cert, Fairtrade Canada, Fairtrade Foundation for doing what you do.