0.61 tcw Brown SI Rose Nouveau Pair

$2,700 CAD
Including Selected options
  • 0.61 Total Carat Weight


  • 0.30ct
  • Fancy Yellowish Brown
  • Round Rose-Cut Nouveau 
  • I2 Clarity
  • Dimensions: 4.56 - 4.63 x 1.77 mm
  • Mined (Natural)
  • Lab Report#: GCAL293160361


  • 0.31ct
  • Fancy Brown
  • Round Rose-Cut Nouveau
  • I2 Clarity
  • Dimensions: 4.51 - 4.60 x 1.85
  • Mined (Natural)
  • Lab Report#: GCAL293160362


  • Recut from a chipped post-consumer diamonds. Nouveau's have the pavilion (bottom) reshaped into the rose-cut triangle facets. They are unique because they still have a crown (step between the table and the girdle). Rose-cut diamonds are usually flat bottomed. 


This pair would make a great set of earrings or could be used as accents on a pendant or ring. Please email sales@ftjco.com to work on a Made to Order piece using this pair.

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