18K Nickel-Free White Gold

We use the European standard for white gold which is made with palladium rather than nickel.  Nickel white gold is used pretty much everywhere in North America.  Nickel white gold is typically plated which rhodium to give it a bright white colour but this wears off over time.  And this creates a wear an unnecessary wear item for your jewellery.

Our palladium white gold is nickel-free and not plated.  It doesn't need to be.  Palladium white gold has warmth in it's colour that belies the harsh whiteness of rhodium plating.

Our Clear® certified recycled gold is made using 100% post-consumer gold.  Gold from old jewellery, electronics and other consumer-use gold is refined to pure 24K gold and then alloyed to make the 18K gold used to make your jewellery.

Our rings are made with certified recycled gold unless they are listed as using either Fairtrade certified or dual-certified Fairtrade & Fairmined gold.