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We love Canadian diamonds because their beauty dazzles 
us and we also know where they’ve been. Certified. 


We love Canadian diamonds.

We love Canadian diamonds because we believe they are the most tracked diamonds in the world whilst also being the most beautiful. But amongst these wonderful diamonds, some are certified to be Canadian while others are not. So not all Canadian diamonds have the same proof of origin.  Since most Canadian diamonds are exported to be cut in places as far away as India & China, there is more of an opportunity for misrepresentation without any 3rd party certification.

Some online retailers self-certify Canadian origin and there's no proof. This the lowest level of Canadian diamonds and we don't sell these diamonds because there is too much of an opportunity for people to misrepresent a diamond as being Canadian when it is not. The next level is the branded Canadian diamond and, in this case, the supplier/cutter is taking responsibility for documenting the Canadian origin of the diamond.

Above these are Canadian diamonds that include a CanadaMark card.  CanadaMark is an independent verification system that verifies the Canadian origin. For us, this our entry-level Canadian diamond.

The pinnacle of provenance claims for Canadian diamonds are the diamonds we like to use;  diamonds that come from Canada's province of Ontario.  Diamonds from Ontario are cut and polished in Canada's city of Sudbury.  And for a premium quality Canadian diamond, we offer the Sirius Star Diamond (the world's brightest) which are mined in Canada's Northwest Territories and cut and polished in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.  We even offer a premium custom-cut diamond service to go with our custom rings, which you can learn more about on our custom page.

We believe that if you want a Canadian diamond, it's because you care where it comes from.  And so logically, if you care where it comes from you would also want a diamond that was held to a higher certification standard.

This is also true of our Argyle mine natural Pink & Blue Diamonds. For diamonds larger than 0.15 carats, these diamonds come with mine origin certifications from the Argyle mine in Australia. These are amongst the most rare and sought after diamonds in the world and over 90% of them come from this one mine.

We also offer certified vintage diamonds, most of which date back to the late 19th or early 20th centuries.  These diamonds are very rare and feature early cutting styles that were designed to viewed in candlelight--making these diamonds even more charming than their modern counterparts, especially in evening light.

Each Antique diamond is unique and behind every facet it keeps over a hundred years of stories.  They are an excellent choice for those who want something unique, that has a narrative and is also a sustainable choice.  Learn More

For those who want an alternative to a mined diamond, we offer lab-grown diamonds from New Dawn, a brand that pioneered ethical, lab grown diamonds.  And make no mistake, these are diamonds in every respect and (just like a mined diamond) they come in different qualities and are accompanied by a grading report.  They are every bit as beautiful but more affordable because, as it happens, running a mine and processing 10 tons of ore to get one or two carats out of it, is an expensive endeavour.

Looking for an alternative to diamonds? We offer Charles & Colvard lab-grown Moissanite.  Moissanite is the most affordable alternative to diamonds and, like diamonds, are durable and brilliant.  We here at FTJCo also offer a 100% trade up credit towards the purchase of a diamond, should you ever choose to replace your Moissanite with one of our diamonds.

Finally, we also offer Chatham lab grown gemstones as an environmentally friendly and affordable option for those who love colour.  Chatham is the originator of lab-grown gems, dating back to 1938 and offer a great combination of quality, warranty, history and experience.

As a company, we have always engaged in best practices whilst pursuing even better practices. And that applies to everything we do from design to production to diamonds and metals.

Whatever your choice, it's important that it reflects your values.  At FTJCo, we go to great lengths to make sure that you have a wide array of choices and that all of them are good in their own way.

Because, in the end, it all matters.