For our clients in the United States and Canada (Quebec excepted), we are pleased to offer one year of complimentary all-perils insurance for all purchases over $1000.  Why?  Well, when you get something new, something precious and, yes, something expensive, you naturally worry about it.  Our complimentary insurance covers almost anything that can happen.  So if your ring is left at the club, dropped in the lake or mysteriously disappears, don't worry... you're covered!  And once the first year is completed, you can opt to renew the insurance.  But the first year's premium is on us!

In addition to loss or damage, the policy also covers wear items and so includes:

-  Prong re-tipping
 -  Repair of broken, worn, or bent prongs
 -  Clasp replacement
 -  Restringing of broken or stretched pearl strands
 -  Stone tightening
 -  Repair of broken earring posts

All without the requirement to bring in your jewellery for periodic inspections.

As long as you have your Jeweler's Mutual policy active, any of your JM-registered purchases from FTJCo are covered by us under that policy for the first year after purchase.  All you have to do is apply through the Jeweler's Mutual website within 90 days of your invoice date (coverage starts when you complete the process), pay the one-year premium, and then we reimburse you when you send us your proof of purchase.

E-mail us at if you need assistance or you have questions.