We are pleased to be able to offer 18K engagement rings at a very reasonable CA$995 (plus your choice of gem or diamond).

For us, custom work is one of our most popular options.  FTJCo designs are different because they are beautiful and original. Everyone has a budget and our designers will work with you to design something that works for you. When designing a custom ring you select the diamond gemstone first - that’s your deposit, with financing options available too. Designing the setting and style is the second step and the price will depend on the metal you choose:

  • 18K Gold and Rose Gold in Fairtrade, Fairmined or Clear® Recycled: from $2,500
  • 18K Platinum Clear® Recycled: from $3,500
  • 925 Silver with Platinum Clear® Recycled: from $1,250
Any additional accent stones that you add to your design will be extra.  But, at FTJCo, we always build to budget which means you always have control over what you spend and we always break down the cost so you understand where the value lies.  Because we manufacture the entire process, we are able to help our clients produce the best results.