COVID 19 - Taking Care of our Clients & Our People

Last updated: May 10, 2020

This page is no longer linked on our website because the information and offers it describes are outdated as of May 10, 2020.  If you have any questions about a new or existing order or repair, please contact


We take the health and wellbeing of our employees and clients very seriously and so we've put a lot of thought into how we can best serve you, while staying safe.

March 23, 2020, was the last day for production.  The situation is in constant flux and to keep ourselves and everyone else safe, we've gone home and we're staying there until we all agree that it's okay to come out again.

We will operate by appointments which can be booked online.   People booking appointments can request complimentary ring sizers to be shipped out to them.

FTJCo has always been a digital company and so estimates, invoices, CAD designs--essentially our entire process--already exists online.  Additionally, we're the only jeweller we're aware of which lets you see your project progress through the design and manufacturing process.  Our status app is available at

We've been working digitally with clients all over the world for years; the only thing that's new for us is working with clients in or near Toronto virtually.

During this challenging time, we will continue to offer the amazing customer service we've become known for. 



I have a repair or project ready for pick-up.  How can I get it?

We contacted all of our clients who have projects ready.  We were shipping out all projects via courier and in person (at a distance) until March 24 when the provincial lockdown in Ontario took effect.  After that, if couriers will pick up, we might be able to get your item to you.  We will update this questions as we know more.

The situation is constantly evolving, we are monitoring the spread through our sister company, Consensas and the daily assessments they publish.


I just got my ring.  Thanks for getting it out to me.  Isn't there supposed to be an appraisal or something so that I can insure it?

Yes.  Normally engagement rings are sent out for appraisal, but as the nature of this pandemic became more clear, we didn't want to send staff to the appraiser because they would likely have come in contact with many more people.  What we're doing now is an insurance evaluation which we'll be emailing out to you in a secure (can't be edited) PDF.  Jewelers Mutual insurance company will accept this for insurance.  We will endeavour to get these out to you by or before April 10.

If there you were also missing a diamond lab report, that will be sent out to you when we reopen.  Diamond lab reports are large and, because they don't fit in our safe, we keep them separate from your ring.  Your evaluation, however, will have the name of the lab and the report number on and this is all your insurance company needs.


What happens to the appointment I've already booked?

Until the government lifts the state of emergency, all appointments will be done virtually.  We will be rescheduling appointments made on weekends to weekday afternoons or at a time that works best for you.


I've already placed an order.  How will this affect my delivery time?

The clock has basically stopped.  So where ever we were on your project, we'll continue working on as soon as we are able to return to work.  We may be able to send out a sample ring to you as a placeholder.  Please contact to discuss.

We have a policy (see below) of crediting people who make new orders during this time.  For existing orders that are still in process, we will be applying the same credits to your invoice.  See question below for details.

If you have paid in full, we will e-transfer this credit to you along with your Jeweler's Mutual insurance rebate after within 45 days of our reopening.  We will also be adding an additional year of Jeweler's Mutual Insurance coverage, so when your policy renews, send us the receipt for reimbursement.


Can I still place an order & make deposits on projects?

Yes.  And that would be really awesome of you! 

To recognize you for your awesomeness, we have some goodies for you:

1. When we get back to work, your project will be prioritized.  First we'll finish the off the ones that were in the middle of production and then we'll work on projects based upon the date of the deposit.

2. We have organized some discounts for items, and paired them with donations to local food banks. Find more information here

3. A 5% credit on any full price wedding bands up to ordered up until March 17, 2021.

FTJCo has never had a sale in its entire history.  So this is very rare and we don't plan on repeating these offers, but unprecedented times call for unprecedented actions.


Why does status app give a delivery date for my project?

The app is coded to add six weeks from the start date.  We're leaving the app active so that you can see at what stage your project is.


I have a repair or project with you.  Is it safe & secure?

Other than projects that are ready to ship, everything has been vaulted at a bank,  We have very good security systems at FTJCo, but out of an abundance of caution we have taken this extra step to make sure that everything is stored in the most secure environment available to us.


How does this affect your return policy?

We are extraordinarily proud of our industry-leading client services policies.  In keeping with the spirit of those, there are no changes to our policies.  The clock on any of our 30/60/90 day policies stopped on March 17, 2020.  If you are receiving your item during this time, the clock will start once Sauron is defeated and we Hobbits can roam the shire freely again.


Are rush orders still available?

No.  Because we don't know when we will be able to restart.  But if you make your deposit during the temporary shut down, your project will be prioritized when we return to work.


Other than time, will anything else be affected?

We don't think so.