0.38 Argyle Purple Pink Emerald Cut Diamond

Be inspired by this admirable emerald cut Argyle diamond. Originating from Australia’s Argyle mine, this precious purple pink diamond is extremely sought after. A rare gift from the earth, Argyle diamonds are limited in supply, making this unusual stone a truly special selection. Customize with our array of design options for a ring that’s as unique as the diamond set upon it.
  • 0.38 Carat Weight
  • Purple Pink
  • Emerald-Cut
  • Mined Diamond from East Kimberly Australia, Argyle Mine
  • Dimensions: 5.24mm x 3.78mm x 2.19mm
  • #95875

Pink diamonds from the Argyle mine in Australia are the rarest, most sought after and expensive diamonds on the planet.  Even a small Argyle has an exclusiveness that larger white diamonds can't match.  And each year that passes, your Argyle becomes even rarer because in 2021 the mine is projected to be finished and there will be no more Argyle pink diamonds.