0.50 AKARA Peruzzi Square (Vintage Style Cut dating from 1700) Diamond F VS2

  • 0.50 Carat Weight
  • F Colour
  • VS2 Clarity
  • Peruzzi-Cut
  • Dimensions: 4.43 x 4.37 x 3.32mm
  • GIA Lab Report # 3265376302

One of the more rare cuts is the Peruzzi which dates from around 1700.  Developed by a cutter named Vincent Peruzzi from Venice,  Peruzzi cuts is of the early 'brilliant-cut' diamonds and sports 56 facets, 33 of which are crown facets. 

Peruzzi Vintage Style Cut

Cut from Canadian rough from Dominion Diamond of Canada supplied by a fellow Responsible Jewellery Council certified member. Normally we like to have a chain of custody (CoC) and CanadaMark tracking numbers for Canadian diamonds but some Canadian rough is sold through an 'open window' system that falls outside of these strictures which prevents a strict CoC.  In this case, because there is another RJC certified member in the supply chain, we are relying on their assurances which are in turn third party audited (as are all RJC certified members).

When we commissioned this diamond to be cut and specified Canadian origin rough be used.

This diamond, cut in this style, from this rough material is an FTJCo exclusive and is one of a kind.